Artist Lala Drona Feeds Drone #1 to her Muse after his failure to follow Drone Code. 

Artist Lala Drona off-handedly creates a monster from scrap pieces of tape used in the painting of her self-portrait.  

Lala Drona's solo exhibition "From the Bed to the Lab" 2014 at Düo Galerie in Paris, France.  Video by Karim Mouici 

Lala is finally booked and thrown into the slammer for muse abuse. 

Short films/Performances

After a successful exhibition opening, Lala Drona rushes back to the Lala Laboratory in order to help her newborn Drones into the world.

Lala Drona has been caught stealing donations with a fake hypnosis video.  The full video has been flagged and removed by Youtube, but you can find a clip above. There's no telling how much money Lala has stolen from innocent insomniacs all over the world.

Out from the shadows comes Lapa Trona, the maternal figure of art-villain Lala Drona.  This exclusive interview reveals another side of Lala that art world has not yet known.  

To disprove media accusations of muse abuse and torture, Lala Drona releases a personal tour of her art factory the Lala Laboratory.

Lala Drona in collective exhibition "Je suis..." 2015 in Paris, France.  Video by Lala Drona.

Due to a breach of contract, Lala Drona banishes Drone #1 from The Lala World.  He may never again return, at least not as a Drone.