Video documentation of art exhibitions.

Lala Drona Exhibitions

La Minute Ladrona Series

Yearly project where Lala Drona invites Drones (followers of the Artist, and assistants in her art laboratory) to participate in an art video surrounding a specific theme.

VIDEO ART / Short films

The Lala World is a dystopian universe where artist Lala Drona leads an art laboratory which conducts experiments on Muses in order to extract inspiration for her paintings.

This creative universe was first established on the blog in 2012. Here, inspiration is currency—and nothing is ever as it seems. These art videos were paired with mock-journalistic blog posts about about artistic exploits.  These videos and blog posts play with the ideas of reflectivity, alternate realities, and the boundaries between real and digital worlds, particularly when it comes to the art world. 

Lala Drona's art performances range from on screen and live performances, to digital projections on walls which interact with her paintings at exhibitions.  These performances are meta-examinations of the artistic process through the media of fiction, theatre, and performance video.  Viewer interaction takes precedence in her art, as it is common practice that her characters break the fourth wall.  While her topics are serious, her humour is dark and self-aware, satirising the the clichéd "suffering artist" today.

•  Lala Drona video art performance "Willing"  Paris, France, 2019.

•  Lala Drona performs her piece "Experiment 88: Speak or Listen" at Le Castel

    in Paris, France, 2019.​

​•  Lala Drona's "The Box Performance," projected on wall alongside her

    paintings at her solo exhibition "The Box" in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2019.

“La Minute Ladrona” (translation: “The Stolen Minute”) is a series of 7 video performances which examine themes in identity, social norms and the transition from the virtual world to the real world. The videos are comprised of improvisational poetry cut and edited with a super close frame, providing a moment of human intimacy through the screen. 

Art Performances


Drone's Video Projects


•  Bienvenu Art Fair, La Cité des Arts Paris with Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre,            Paris France, Oct. 2019 

•  Exhibition opening:  "The Box," at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden,

    Feb. 2019.

•  ​Exhibition opening:  "Lettres, mots, et clics," in Galerie Art'et Miss, Paris

    France, Sept. 2018.  

​​•  Collective exhibition "Narcisse Obligé" 2016 in Paris, France.  

​​•  Collective exhibition "Je suis..." 2015 in Paris, France.