(b. 1988, USA)


June 2024        Popout Zine, Issue: Tribe, publication of painting                                           "The Womb"

March 2022      Dream House: A Collaborative Zine in Honor of the 50th
                       Anniversary of Womanhouse

April 2020        Unleashtheartist, Covod-19 Artist Platform Selection

                       Paintings, videos

Oct 2019           Post(blank),Vol. IV: Post(stranger)


June 2019         Marietta Magazine Issue 2:
                        Interview by Erica Schreiner and images of paintings

May 2019          Maintenant 13: Dada Journal
                        Painting: Triptych "The power of the click"

April 2019         The Poetry Society of New York: Spilt Milk
                        Article on triptych "The Power of the Click"

Oct 2018          Wotisart Magazine, Issue 19

                         Painting: Triptych "The Power of the Click"

2017                   Verses of April, Lala & Giono

                          Videos: La Politesse, The Physical


2012                   Fiction Brigade: A collection of Flash Fiction

                          Painting : I'm not your Reality

2010                   Sub-scribe Magazine, Nostalgia (Fall 2010)

                          Drawing: Outlander  

Jan 2023 - Jan 2024                 Soho House International Artist Fellowship Recipient


June-July 2019                        Artist in Residence, Kintai Arts, Kintai Lithuania

Jan-Feb 2019                           Artist in Residence, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg Sweeden

Nov-Dec 2018                           Artist in Residence, Buinho Association, Alentejo Portugal

Aug-Oct 2018                           Artist in Residence, Huekito AIR Program, Paris France

June/July 2018                        Artist in Residence, AiRGentum, Seville Spain

Oct 2016 - March 2017             Artist in Residence, Le Lavoir, Ivry Sur Seine France

June / July 2015                      EICAR Summer Workshop:  Directing and Screenwriting program, Paris France

Sept 2012 - May 2013               Université de Paris - Sorbonne: French Language and Civilisation, Paris France

Sept 2006 - May 2012               Bachelor of Arts University of Colorado at Boulder (Colorado, USA)  

                                                  American Association of University Women Scholarship recipient           

June 2024    Featured Interview, "Women in art – a sexist history to be                       rewritten" by Nathalie Koskinen

Nov 2021    Interview, "Finding your inner femininity, channeling
                  difference into empowerment with artist Lala Drona" on
                  Finding Your Wave Podcast

Mar 2021     Interview with Paris Lit up, "Spotlight" series

May 2020     Interview with Only Woke, "At Home" series

Oct 2019      Report covering The Female Gaze at the Bienvenu Art Fair,                        at the Cité des Arts Paris, by Mathieu Mielesko Balul

Oct 2019      Featured in article on The Gaze of a Parisienne

                   "The Gaze of a Woman Artist" by Florence Briat-soulié  

Aug  2019     The Art Gorgeous Article 
                   "Three Fresh Takes on the Female Gaze" by Katya Lopatko

Feb 2019      Konstepidemin, Announcement of exhibition
                    "The Box"

July 2018     El Correo de Andalucia, Article on exhibition:                                           The Power of the Click

July 2018     ABCdesevilla, Article on exhibition :  
                   The Power of the Click


Layer 1/ The Lala World (2008-present):  Lala Drona created a fictional universe where Lala Drona leads an art laboratory which conducts experiments on Muses to extract their inspiration.  In this universe, Lala Drona uses the inspiration extracted to inspire the creation of her own art pieces to be bought and sold in a dystopian art market. 

Layer 2/ Based on a Fact (2012-present): The artist has created an online news platform which communicates mock-journalistic articles covering events that take place in The Lala World (Layer 1).  In the eyes of this media outlet, Lala Drona is portrayed as a trickster and villain, and is an ample source for scandalous stories.  The artist continues to update the news platform with articles by fictional journalists on www.basedonafact.com.  

Layer 3/ Our collective reality:  This is where we experience the artwork.  This is where all layers of reality collide: Conceived in layer 1, commented on in layer 2, and then experienced in layer 3.  The artist considers her exhibited art pieces to be the fruits of the muse experiments taking place in the fictional art laboratory. The art pieces created in the The Lala World break through to our collective reality, blurring the boundaries between art, fantasy, and “the real.”

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April 2024             Solo Exhibition: “Virtual Reverence,” Elios Gallery, Paris, France

MaI 2023               Artist talk and showing: "The Monstrous Feminine in Cinema and Fine Art" by Lala Drona, Soho House NYC

Mai 2023               Collective Exhibition: "Proclamez vos droits", peinture, Université de Lausanne, Suisse

July 2022              Collective exhibition, "Video + Performance," Millennium Film Workshop Inc., Brooklyn New York

May 2022              Collective exhibition, "Inauguration," Espace Artistes Femmes, Lausanne Switzerland

March 2022           Collective exhibition, "Entre exode, ouverture et création," Powerhouse, Lausanne Switzerland  

May 2021              Guest Panelist, "Viral/Sustainable: digital and environmental art today," Edinburg College of Art       

July  2020             Collective exhibition: First Responders, WOW Museum & Gallery, Texas USA

June 2020             Collective exhibition: Covideo-19 Notes, Undercurrent Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (online)

October 2019        Bienvenue Art Fair, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, La Cité des Arts, Paris France

February 2019       Solo Exhibition: The Box, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg Sweden

May 2019               Live Art Performance: Experiment 88- Speak or Listen, Le Castel, Paris France

Aug/Sept 2018       Collective Exhibition: Lettres, Mots et Clics..., Galerie Art'et Miss, Paris France

July 2018               Solo Exhibition: The Power of the Click, Cultural Center Castilblanco, Seville Spain 

May 2017               Public Radio Interview: 93.3 Beijing International Radio, Beijing China 

October 2016         Collective Exhibition: Narcisse Obligé, Savonette Electrique, Montrueil France

October 2015         Collective exhibition:  Je Suis..., La Maison des Ensembles, Paris France

December 2014      Solo exhibition: From the Bed to the Lab, Duo Gallery (currently T2 Gallery), Paris France

May 2013               Solo Exhibition: Paris 210 days, The Botek, Paris France 

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Artist's CV


Lala Drona is a Venezuelan-American painter and video artist, born in Denver, Colorado. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, Lala Drona has since published and exhibited her work internationally.  Most recently, her videos and paintings exploring digital spaces and the female gaze, were shown at the Cite des Arts de Paris.  Her paintings, videos, and writing explore the monstrous feminine, alternate realities, and void of the digital world.  The totality of her artwork contributes to, and exists within a fictional universe and mythology established online and then recontextualized in the physical world through paint on canvas, performance, and sculpture. Her paintings and videos create an intimate and uncanny sense of unease, adding depth to her oeuvre and compelling viewers to consider the impact of institutional structures on individual identity. Lala Drona’s body of work engages with broader social and cultural issues.  She is based in Paris, France.

Artist Statement:

​​Lala Drona plays with the idea of the mirror and reflectivity, alternate realities, the transitions through these realities and how they manifest in our daily lives. Refusing to choose just one medium, she paints, writes, and creates short films, all which take place in her artistic universe. The voyage from the virtual to the real, and vice versa, play a significant role within her practice, and she represents these transition with her use of symmetry and grayscale. She re-contextualizes virtual media (stories, digital art, and videos) in reality through paint and canvas, tying everything together to create a cohesive and complex narrative.


2012-2022 Meta-art piece, fake news platform, Fictional dystopian universe inspired by the artist's life.

This monthly art newsletter contains content recommendations (books, movies, podcasts) and also contains updates on Lala Drona's upcoming events or projects.




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